Are You Happy?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

“Are you happy?” This question is completely relative. Honestly, it is unrealistic to be “happy” 100% of the time. Being human means that you experience a wide range of emotions on a consistent basis, so if your only goal is to be happy all the time, you might miss the mark. A better question to ask yourself is, “Am I vibing high?” If not, then it is essential to raise your vibration again.

High vibes make you feel good. They spark creativity, happiness, feeling centered and connected. Low vibes do the opposite.

Lower vibrations have a low energy pattern that creates stress and unhappiness. It makes attracting positive people and situations into your life much harder. Having lower vibrations feels heavy, and when your energy gets too low, you definitely feel it.

People often say that you draw in from the world what you send out, so when you’re vibing high, you’re attracting same-level energy, and this energy can take the form of people, places, things, flow, and opportunities. Things work well around you when you’re vibing high. People feel attracted to you because you radiate happiness, comfort, and light. You are able to attract beauty and abundance because you’re vibing at a high frequency.

When you’re vibing low, you’re subconsciously focusing more on matter than on energy and possibilities.

How to raise your vibration even higher:

  1. Positive Affirmations and cultivating positive thoughts.

  2. Sunlight. Spending time in the sun will increase your vibration. Try to spend at least 20-minutes every day in the sunlight.

  3. Get enough sleep!

  4. Think Love. Infuse all your thoughts and actions with love. Send out love to everything and everyone. Be love.

  5. Prayer or other communication with source energy. Get connected to your higher power.

  6. Positive thinking. Become an optimist.

  7. Forgive everyone. Appreciate that everyone is doing their best from their point of consciousness.

  8. Do what you love. Spend time doing the things you really love to do and make time for them.

By keeping your vibe high, you won’t have to work so hard to make things happen. So, remember, good vibes only, Queens!

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