Become the Architect of Your Life

With the power of positive thinking, you really can turn things around. But, when you apply this type of mindset to achieving your dreams, the sky is the limit, Queen!

While we cannot control everything in our lives or expect to bypass every obstacle that holds us back from success, we can choose how we respond. This is because, in reality, everyone is the architect of their own destiny.

An architect is a person who takes a vision or a thought and turns it into a reality. Take a building project for example. The first thing that happens in the process is for someone to have a mental picture of what is going to be built. This is something that is usually easy to do for nearly anyone. It simply requires that a person look at their future and envision what they would like to have it look like.

The next step is when things get a little harder. This is the stage when the dream or vision has to be designed into a plan. An architect’s job then is to literally bring into creation the mental picture. While this may not seem that complicated, it really requires a lot of work. Why? In order for the dream to ever materialize, there has to be an architect actively working to overcome each obstacle or setback to see the vision through.

While this may seem like a huge responsibility, it is also a great opportunity! Knowing that you hold the power to change your future into anything that you dream it to be opens up the world for each and every person like nothing else can.

Begin to design a plan that will get you from where you are to where you want to be by embracing your position in life and by acting like you own your destiny. Because the truth of the matter is you definitely do! You are the only architect of your future, so dream big, design well, and work hard.

How to awaken your inner architect:

  1. Create a vision. Vision is key! Your vision can literally serve as your blueprint for your future. It’s hard to move forward confidently without having a good idea of where you are going.

  2. Create Structure. An orderly life is one that is aligned with your skills and abilities, personality, dreams and passions. It is rare that someone else will create this authentic fit for you. By truly knowing yourself and patterning your life accordingly, you can align your actions with your heart.

  3. Oversee Your Development. Don’t die with your dream still in you! Unexecuted plans mean that the potential will never be manifested. It is the architect’s role to oversee the execution of the vision. We must hold ourselves accountable for acting on our visions; otherwise, they may remain just dreams.

As an architect, you can create beauty from chaos. You have already been empowered, but it’s what you do with that power that is key. You already have the components and resources needed for greatness, but the question is: are you ready to create? Happy building, Queen!

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