How to Build Certainty Back into Your Life During Uncertain Times

When it comes to having both certainty and uncertainty in your life, certainty always comes first. It gives you that comfortable sense of knowing that your basic needs will be met and allows you to relax into the uncertainties of your day.

But, creating a solid foundation of certainty in our lives is not easy when life constantly challenges whatever foundation we build. Many certainties that people can usually count on are now unknown, in question, and changing from moment-to-moment. This is not a comfortable situation to be in.

The question we have to stay focused on is, how can we re-balance our lives so that we aren’t living with so much insecurity, worry, and fear? What actions can we take so that when the next challenge presents itself, we’re more prepared?

This is where the power of rituals, routines, and habits come into play. We will never be able to control life, but we will always be able to control the choices we make and the actions we take. And if we can choose to build positive habits into our lives that we can look forward to every day, then we’ll be choosing to live with a little more certainty than we had before.

So, what choices and actions can we take to re-establish our need for certainty and get back to that state of balance? Focus on building rituals into your day.

A ritual is something that you do every day. It is deeper than a chore, habit, or routine. A ritual is something you connect to, not just mentally (because you know you should), but emotionally (because it’s important and meaningful to you). If you’re new to the idea of rituals, you can start by focusing on your mornings and evenings.

Your morning ritual is always effective in its ability to set the tone for a positive and energized day. Your evening ritual provides the perfect complement, helping you lock in the achievements of your day, reflect on the most important lessons or insights, and go to bed with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence in what the future holds.

What Rituals Look Like

Your ritual can be as big or as small, as quick or as time consuming, as you want it to be. A morning ritual can be something as simple as waking up at the same time every day and giving thanks, going through a 5-minute stretching routine once you get out of bed, practicing a meditation while you're in the shower, or just making a healthy breakfast.

Or, it can be more time intensive, such as a 20-minute guided meditation, a 30-minute exercise session, reading a chapter of a book, or journaling. Whatever it is, the idea is to build into your day something that you can count on, something that you can look forward to, something that sets the tone for a positive and energized day, and something that’s within your control.

The same goes for your evening ritual. Maybe, you prefer to exercise, meditate, read, or write in the evenings instead of the morning. Make the adjustments that work best for you and commit, Queen.

Take things one day at a time and stay flexible in your approach. If you want to move a ritual from the morning to the evening, do it. If you want to adjust the time you have dedicated to the ritual, do that. If you really can’t see yourself sticking to your ritual for a long period of time, change it. But, don’t give up.

The point is to make sure that what you set out to do gets done. Discipline yourself and make your word LAW. Once you do, you’ll be more ready for the next challenge that life throws your way, more ready than you were before, and certain that, during uncertain times, you will have a solid foundation of certainties that you can always count on. It’s all about balance, Queen.

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