How to Eliminate Fear From Your Life

Learning how to overcome fears of failure can be challenging for everyone. Fortunately, all fears are learned. No one is born with fears, so that means fear can be unlearned.

The most common fears we experience, which often sabotages all of our hope for success, are the fear of failure, poverty, and loss of money.

These fears cause us to avoid risk of any kind and to reject opportunity when it is presented to us. Sometimes, we can become so so afraid of failure that we are almost paralyzed when it comes to taking any chances at all.

There are many other fears that interfere with our happiness. People fear:

  • the loss of love

  • the loss of their jobs and their financial security

  • embarrassment or ridicule

  • rejection and criticism of any kind

  • the loss of respect or esteem of others

These and many other fears can hold us back throughout life.

How to overcome your fears and fuel your success:

Fear Paralyzes Action

The most common reaction in a fear situation is the attitude of, “I can’t!” This is the fear of failure that stops us from taking action. It is experienced physically, starting in the pit of your stomach.

Fear Shuts Our Brain Down

Whenever we’re is in the grip of fear, it often shuts down the brain and causes us to revert to the “fight-or-flight” reaction. Fear is a terrible emotion that undermines our happiness and can hold us back throughout our lives.

Visualize Yourself as Unafraid

By visualizing yourself performing with confidence and competence in an area where you are fearful, your visual image will eventually be accepted by your subconscious mind as instructions for your performance. This is an amazing way to manifest your desires.

Your self-image, the way you see yourself and think about yourself, is eventually altered by feeding your mind these positive mental pictures of yourself performing at your best.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

By using the “fake it ‘til you make it” method, you walk, talk, and carry yourself exactly like you would if you were completely unafraid in a particular situation.

You stand up straight, smile, move quickly and confidently, and in every respect act as if you already had the courage that you desire.

Use the Law of Reversibility

The Law of Reversibility says that “If you feel a certain way, you will act in a manner consistent with that feeling.” But, if you act in a manner consistent with that feeling, even if you don’t feel it right now, the Law of Reversibility will create the feeling that is consistent with your actions.

You develop the courage you desire by disciplining yourself repeatedly to do the thing you fear until that fear eventually disappears—and it will, Queen

Confront Your Fears Immediately

Your ability to confront, deal with, and act in spite of your fears is the key to happiness and success.

One of the best exercises you can practice is to identify a person or situation in your life in which you are afraid and deal with that fear situation immediately. Don’t allow it to make you unhappy for another minute.

Move Toward the Fear

When you identify a fear and discipline yourself to move toward it, it grows smaller and more manageable.

What’s more, as your fears grow smaller, your confidence grows. Soon, your fears lose their control over you. In contrast, when you back away from a fear-inducing situation or person and don’t confront it, your fear grows even bigger.

Soon, it dominates your thinking and feelings, preoccupies you during the day, and can possibly keep you up at night.

Deal with the Fear Directly

The only way to deal with fear is to address it head-on.

The natural tendency of many people is to deny that they have a problem caused by fear of some kind. They’re afraid of confronting it. In turn, it becomes a major source of stress, unhappiness, and even physical illness.

Be willing to deal with the situation or person directly. When you force yourself to face any fear-inducing situation in your life, your self-esteem goes up, your self-respect increases, and your sense of personal pride grows. And, the best part of it all, you will eventually reach the point in your life where you are not afraid of anything! What’s more powerful than you?

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