Making Money Is Easy!...When You're Aligned

Money is one of the most important tools of our time, but many of us don’t know how to get it, or maybe how to keep it.

A lot of how we look at money today in our adulthood stems from our childhood and how we were raised. Even though our conscious mind is good at separating fact from fiction, our subconscious mind is still clinging onto all those old beliefs like they happened yesterday.

Good news though, Queen! We have the opportunity to which ones are worth keeping and which ones are no longer serving us.

Let Money Flow

1. Money is Energy

Money is just another form of energy. When we understand this, it automatically takes money off of this pedestal that we tend to put it on and brings it back down to our level because everything is energy. What truly matters is what frequency you’re on.

2. Money Wants to Be Used

If you’re used to not having money, it can be tempting to try and hold on to every dollar you get when you actually do have it. But, like we said before, money is just another form of energy. And, it’s at its best work when it’s able to flow!

Every dollar you spend holds power, Queen. Whether you’re donating to charity, filling your online shopping cart with Fashion Nova, or treat yourself to some new books, money is more than happy to do its job—to make you happy and to get stuff done.

If you freak out about using it, then the real problem is in your faith that you have the ability to receive more of it.

3. Money Demands Respect Not Fear

Many of us live in fear of money, without even realizing it. But, no matter how bad you think your situation is, you’ll never be able to elevate if you continue to ignore the problem. Do you believe that you can be financially stable? Or, is your fearing repelling money and preventing you from achieving your financial dream?

A great relationship with money starts on the inside, Queen. You don’t have to live in fear of it anymore because it’s never too late to create a positive and productive relationship with money. You just have to decide to. Are you ready?

To take your Money-Making Mindset to the next level, we recommend reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

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