The Merry Go 'Round Effect

"Why do the same things keep happening to me? Why do I get in the same horrible relationships? Why do I pick the wrong jobs, the wrong people, the wrong everything? Why does everything always go wrong?"

It’s simple…we get in the same situations, same problems, and same challenges over and over until we master them. Life is all about leveling up! With every situation you go through, you are supposed to grow through it. If you find yourself on the merry go ‘round of life, this is the universe trying to tell you that you are not learning the lessons that are being set before you. If you want to level up, you have to pass the test. And, you can’t pass the test, if you’re doing things the same way every single time.

Until we actually deal with something that keeps coming up in our lives, work through it, and master it, it will keep popping up. If that's the case, then there is only one way to change direction…and that is to face the problem, define it, and do something completely different.

Here's how you can master negative patterns:

  1. Identify the pattern. What is the pattern that is being repeated? What do you contribute to keep it coming, and how attached are you to it?

  2. Ask yourself what you gain by staying where you are. Bad patterns are familiar. They can become comfort zones. You have to stick it out with a bit of faith that when you accomplish the change, you will be happier for it.

  3. Make a decision to try a different path. It's easy to make a decision especially when you feel energized and hopeful that things can be different. The hard part is seeing it through.

  4. Set up checkpoints that make you accountable. Accountability is really important when it comes to making changes. You may have one person you can select to report to about your progress who has your best interest at heart and is someone you can rely on to help you stay with your resolution.

  5. Write it down! It really is helpful to see exactly what you're doing on paper. Write out what you're changing, what your goal is, what your steps are to meet the goal, and what the actual tasks are. Put them on a calendar and review them daily.

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