What's Behind the Mask, Queen?

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Really stop and think about your day. Do you spend it carefully masking your opinions, smiling at jokes that you may not find funny, or keeping still instead of voicing your thoughts?

People have aspects of self—sides that they show to close family, lovers, friends, and co-workers. But, at what point does the need to adapt to certain circumstances change to simply hiding your inner-self?

Your masks are your fears. You are arrogant because you’re afraid of rejection or really being seen. You’re cold because you’re afraid someone might spark something uncontrollable in you. You’re disinterested because you’re afraid of disapproval. You’re too kind because you’re afraid that you’re unworthy…and so on.

We all wear masks. Our masks protect us…or so we think. Why else would we wear them? Let’s be honest though…it takes a great deal of energy to create and wear the mask, so we often feel burdened, heavy, exhausted by the work of taking it off and putting it back on.

We create fake personas that hide our insecurities and mask our flaws, all in an attempt to hide who we really are within. We cover everything that matters up: our fears, dreams, stories, scars. You may begin to lose touch with what matters, solely focused on keeping up the façade and pleasing the people who you wear the mask around.

The moment we take off our masks, the false-self dies. Don’t be afraid, Queens, let it go. It was just a vessel, a step on the path to truth. When we can take off our masks, we just are—effortless, natural, true.

Not everyone wants to believe that they are not authentic. Many believe that what you see is what you get. For some, that can be true.

The biggest reason that we often wear masks is they make us feel safe. Being authentic and real with people is vulnerable and can be scary. It is much easier often to put up a mask and keep people at arm’s length. If I don't let you in, you can't hurt me, right? But there are often consequences to our masks as well. Loneliness, fooling others and yourself, disconnection from emotions, dreams and passions, and it’s often harder to reach your goals.

A deeper connection to yourself and others will flow from learning how to present yourself in an authentic way.

How to be your true authentic self:

  1. Find out if you really want to drop the mask. Once you’ve made the decision that you want the mask to slip, you are already halfway there. It is most likely going to be a difficult course of action, and there is going to be a lot of self-discovery in your journey: finding out things about yourself that you could never have imagined. Stay your course; self-betterment is always a good thing.

  2. Come to terms with anything you are battling internally. Everyone who wears a mask is probably struggling with some aspect of their life and is using the mask as a front. Find out what is constantly keeping you on edge and take it out of your life. Instead of avoiding them, deal with your struggles. Once the toxicities are out, you might be able to see yourself a little bit more clearly. Remember peace comes from within.

  3. Reclaim what you lost. After wearing a mask for so long and pushing away your own preferences and opinions, you might find that you have almost lost touch with the little things that define who you truly are. Through the passage of time, it will come back to you, and you will be able to piece together the truly wonderful creation that you are.

  4. Watch and monitor yourself. Make a conscious effort to monitor the way you conduct yourself, your speech, and your actions. If you happen to be in a group setting, and the people around you ask for your opinion on something, make sure your answer is genuinely yours. Share your ideas and make an effort to not be swayed from your convictions.

  5. Help others find themselves. Find someone who you think might also be prone to hiding behind a mask. Share your experiences with that person and get a sense of who they are. Reach out to people, connect with them, and work towards enjoying the people you are. The journey to self-discovery may be easier when you have somebody to help pace you along and encourage you.

Take the mask off, sis, and finally let your true light shine. Happy healing, Queen! #rp #share #queenshealingqueens #mysisterskeeper #wegotus

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