What Would You Do with Unlimited Resources?

Have you ever wanted to do something, but discouraged yourself because you believed you lacked the necessary resources to be successful? They might include a lack of sufficient time, money, education, support, or experience. Interestingly, a lack of what you need is rarely an issue if you’re truly committed! Avoid allowing a current lack of resources discourage you.

It’s easy to get started on any venture without any resources. In time, what you need can be found when needed. Even the largest businesses had humble beginnings.

Consider the power of believing you have unlimited resources:

1. What would you choose to accomplish if you had unlimited resources? Take a few minutes to consider how you would live your life if you had everything you needed. Would you go back to school? Start your own company? Become a philanthropist? Own an island? It’s easy to see that your options are unlimited, so think big, Queen.

  • This can be an excellent way to determine your life’s purpose. If all obstacles were removed, what would you choose to do?

2. Whom would you have in your life? Would you be alone or married? How many friends would you have? Describe your friends. Describe your neighbors. How many children would you have? If you dream of owning your own business, describe your employees and clients.

3. Where would you live? Would you stay put or move to the beach? How many homes would you own? What color would your dining room be? Consider the geographical location and the actual dwelling.

4. What would your typical day entail? What time would you get out of bed? What would you do first? How would you spend your day? How would your evening be spent? How much free time would you have and how would you spend it? Who would you see?

5. Now that you know what you should be doing, how can you make it happen? Few of us have a surplus of resources, but there is always a first step that can be taken.

  • The first step might entail looking at the educational offerings in your area or seeking a higher-paying job. As you progress, your understanding and your resources will grow.

6. Pretending you have unlimited resources can also be used to find solutions to challenges. By imagining you have unlimited resources, you can open your mind to all the possible solutions. It’s possible you’ll find a solution that requires additional resources, but give yourself a chance to make it work.

Those with unlimited resources can still struggle, so having unlimited resources isn’t a guarantee. Avoid believing that abundant resources are a cure to your struggles. Remember that many of the most successful people in the world started at the very bottom with no resources.

You probably don’t have unlimited resources. However, imagining that you do can help to determine your life’s purpose, your dream existence, and create a new set of solutions. Imagining that your resources are plentiful will open new possibilities.

No more limiting yourself, Queen. The time of abundance is now.

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