Why Self-Help Isn’t Working for You

What is self-help? Let’s define it as anything you’re doing for yourself with the intention of bringing yourself closer to becoming the person you want to be. This can be related to your weight, fitness, eliminating phobias, building social skills, finding happiness, finances, or many other facets of life.

There’s never been more information available to facilitate change than there is today, yet we rarely seem to make meaningful progress toward becoming the wonderful beings we aspire to become. Why is that?

There are many obstacles to implementing self-help advice, such as:

1. You’re not applying the information. The issue is likely to be one of compliance. Once you have a viable plan, it’s important to stick with it and do what you have set out to do. Remember, Queen, information you don’t apply doesn’t help you at all.

2. You believe that learning is the same as doing. Some people believe that understanding is the same as doing, but it’s not. It’s necessary to put your understanding of a strategy into practice in order to be successful.

3. Procrastination. Self-help books can become addicting, but at some point, you’re going to have to put the books down and get busy, Queen! Reading self-help book after self-help book is just another form of procrastination.

4. You’re impatient. It takes time to lose weight. It also takes time to save money, to improve your writing skills, or to rid yourself of social anxiety, for example. In general, the longer you’ve been suffering with a particular issue, the longer it will take to move beyond it. No worries though! Just keep at it, and you will succeed.

5. You’re failing to realize how resistant you are to change. Change is much more challenging than most people realize. Changing slowly—making small changes, one at a time—may be frustrating, but you have a much better chance of success. It’s not enough to just decide that a change is necessary. You have to back it up with some action, Queen!

Method of Manifestation

Thoughts + Emotions + Action = Manifestation

6. You’re not willing to transform yourself. If you want to be wealthy, it’s not enough to adopt a few new habits around saving and investing. It’s necessary to become a person who values and appreciates the building process. You must believe that becoming wealthy is an endeavor worthy of your time and attention.

It’s very necessary to change your perspective and beliefs to accommodate the idea of the person you want to become. You have to be able to see HER.

Self-help materials provide the opportunity to make important changes in your life. They can provide information and inspiration, but the burden is still on you to apply the information to your life and to perform the transformative work on yourself.

Self-help is some of the hardest work you’ll ever do, but if you make small changes, one at a time, your efforts will eventually add up, and it will be one of the greatest things you’ve ever done for yourself. Don’t be afraid to make your dreams come true, Queen.

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