Why Your Loneliness is Keeping You Lonely

It’s safe to say that many of us were never taught how to be alone growing up, how to enjoy being with one’s self. Unfortunately, we have misconstrued someone’s physical presence as being enough to fill the voids that we have inside, but is that enough?

Loneliness tends to cause desperation, and desperation can make us do things that are not in the best interest of self.

Loneliness is a negative state of mind where you are always longing for the other, never satisfied with being by yourself, and always looking elsewhere for fulfillment. Alone is a positive state of mind, a very fulfilling place to be. It is a state where you are always and constantly delighted in yourself. It is blissful, happy, content with nothing, and peaceful. You have found yourself, and you are living your best life with yourself.

Loneliness is a feeling that would probably come up right after a break up, divorce, separation, distance, etc. The contact you had with another is no longer there, but you are wishing and longing for it. You are wanting it so bad that it affects you. Loneliness is referred to as a bad feeling, but it is one that is worth every part of the pain to allow yourself to find your inner peace. Here, you will find yourself, a person you may have never thought you were. A person who is capable of so many things you may have never thought possible. The answer always lies within you, Queen.

Loneliness is not a curse nor is it a prison sentence. Some see it as a punishment or a personal failure, and the desperation to escape it can lead you to look for someone, anyone, who will fill that void even though the love is not sincere.

Every relationship that seeks to fill the void of loneliness will be based on an immature, dependent, toxic affection that will inevitably violate the personal growth of each person involved. Those who avoid solitude because of their need to feel loved create a harmful attachment to feeling recognized and valued. This is detrimental.

Don’t think of solitude as rejection. It is a space in which to learn to love yourself and, in turn, better connect with those you love.

It is the fear of finding yourself alone with your own thoughts, of being forced to see the essence of who you really are, where you will find a number of personal demons to confront.

To stop feeling lonely, you must understand what’s driving this feeling. Ask yourself: “Why am I lonely?” Chances are you will uncover voids that need to be addressed. These voids can be a lack of self-love, a lack of fulfillment in your life, or a lack of self-confidence. Once you identify these voids, you can then take steps to fill them by adjusting your self-beliefs and/or taking actions to create your desired reality.

Whatever your internal voids are, know that they can be addressed because you are a being of abundance. You are born with a never-ending flow of love, energy, and power.

Be good on your own first. That way you won’t tolerate bullshit anymore. Your actions will be authentic and clear, and you will be confident knowing that you can always deal with the worst—feeling empty. Use the feeling of emptiness to liberate yourself as you fall in love with self. I promise you are more than enough. Happy Healing, Queen!

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