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Does Your Relationship Need Help?

We believe that achieving happiness and security are essential for relationship success. With our Royal-Elite Coaching Program, our goal is to help both individuals and couples improve their relationships with each other, but most importantly with themselves. No matter what you’re experiencing, our resident Life Coach Sasha Ravae can provide you with the tools you need to truly find happiness.

How can Royal-Elite Coaching help my relationship?

You can have the relationship you desire. But first, it’s important to understand how to work with your partner, and not against them—they are not your enemy. In life, we are often times encouraged to repress our pain, which only spills into our relationships. Many of us mask the hurt of not being connected with self by adopting unhealthy habits, behaviors, and coping mechanisms because we are taught to avoid our feelings, and this has negative impact for everyone around us.


Growth and healing is a process, which means that it requires action. With our Royal-Elite Coaching Program, we use Shadow Work, Astrology, Divination, and our own personal framework—the Elevation Method—as tools to teach others how to turn their pain into power.


Royal-Elite Coaching addresses issues such as, (but is not limited to):


  • Infidelity

  • Domestic Violence

  • Conflict/Conflict Resolution

  • Broken Trust & How to Restore It

  • Communication

  • Accountability

  • Self-Confidence/Self-Worth

  • Achieving Short- or Long-Term Goals

  • Decision-Making

  • Career Development (or Transition)

  • Spiritual Growth


Our sessions include:


  • Weekly 1-on-1s (sessions can be made as needed.)

  • Access to your Royal-Elite Coach (via email and/or text)

  • A Customized Astrology Chart Report (optional)

  • Solutions and strategies to discover and clarify your relationship’s strengths

  • Conflict-resolution strategies for improved empathy and problem-solving skills

  • Communication tools to increase vulnerability and restore trust


Move past the blocks in your relationship with self and your partner and live the life that you truly want to live. It’s time!

Please note: Space is very limited, so secure your spot today.

Your Royal Elite Coach:
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