She Did That! features all the amazing things that the Queens in our community are doing, serving as an inspiration to us all.

I'm Free!

Joye F.

"I've received my master’s and esthetician’s license. I have traveled around the world, but I've been in many failed relationships. I’m just trying to focus on me right now and pray that Mr. Wright will come when the right time is right."

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Never Counted Out

Dee E.

"I started doing media in front of the camera in 2018 because sharing my visions and dreams to others wasn’t appreciated. Code31 Media, which stands for Competition Officially Doesn’t Exist, has made a tremendous impact in such a very limited time. I have interviewed people from all walks of life—KRS-One, Ice T, Kenny Anderson, and various entrepreneurs.


The world will know my name and say it’s Code31. This is only the beginning for me. I am disabled, and a few counted me out in this media game, but God never did. He makes a way out of no way for me, and I shine through every situation."

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The Strength to Move On

Shakirah O.

"Ended an abusive marriage after 4 years." 

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I'm Free!


"Through the grace of God, I have finally found the courage to break free from an abusive/toxic relationship that I was in for 10-years. I was beaten, belittled, degraded, betrayed, violated, raped, mistreated, bruised, and broken. For 10-years, I lived in fear, but, now, I'm finally FREE!"

Did That!

Krystal M.

"I did not give up on pursuing my goal to become a counseling psychologist and breaking generational curses within my family.

Still in the Making

Woe D.

"I fell into a deep depression after the loss of mother. I began dating a narcissist without knowledge that I was being abused, and I became homeless and demeaned, losing hope for myself and humanity. My family began to become distant and disrespectful during this time. I felt exhausted and alone. 

Today, I have recovered from being homeless, I'm working full-time, and I'm also a full-time student. Even though, I feel like I had a late start in life, I believe, as long as you believe in yourself, anything is possible." 

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