Heal to Your Highest Heights

Our mission at Queens Healing Queens is to help our Queens who feel like they’re at a standstill in life learn how to heal the things that are holding them back, so they can reconnect with self, discover their life’s purpose, and create a compelling future as they elevate to their fullest potential.


Why is this so important?


As women, we are always encouraged to repress our pain. Many of us mask the hurt of not being connected with self by adopting unhealthy habits and behaviors because we are taught to avoid our feelings.


“Why you mad?”

“You’re too emotional.”

“You all in your feelings.”

“Why you trippin’?”

“You’re crazy!”


Many of us don’t have female role models who can show us what it looks like to process, what it looks like to advocate for yourself. But the catch is that never learning how to express your emotions makes those around you believe that you don’t have them or that your feelings don’t matter, and that allows the pain and trauma to continue.


We are expected to be strong, which only causes heightened levels of emotional distress, including frustration, anger, and resentment. But, because we have jobs to keep, families to feed, and bills to pay, we think remaining silent shows our strength. It doesn’t.


By using the Elevation Method as a tool, you can learn how to turn your pain into power and heal to your highest heights. It’s time, Queen! Let’s move past your blocks and live the life that you truly want to live. What’s more powerful than you?

Are you interested in elevating yourself, Queen, but just need a little support? Ask us about our ELEVATED Scholarship!

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