The Elevation Method - Level 1

  • Face Your Own Reflection & See the Truth About Yourself

    Started Dec 5, 2020

    495 US dollars
  • Learn how to live your life in a more balanced way.

    Started Jan 12

    99 US dollars
  • How to build self-confidence & live your life authentically.

    Started Jan 16

    99 US dollars
  • How to forget about your ex & level up for your next.

    Started Jan 14

    99 US dollars

In this 8-week workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Observe the qualities of the things that have been holding you back

  • Explore and discover repressed and suppressed feelings and emotions 

  • Distinguish between generational curses, conditioning, genetic dispositions, cycles, and learned behavior

  • Stop being on autopilot

  • Get out of survival mode

  • Find your voice

Are you interested in elevating yourself, Queen, but just need a little support? Ask us about our ELEVATED Scholarship!
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